Podcast Your Data: Tim Costello

In my time as a consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some really cool projects.  One of my favorites is the InterWorks Podcast series ‘Podcast Your Data‘.  It was a thrill to host several of the earlier podcasts, once I was even the subject of a podcast!

You can find the episodes I participated in here …

PYD01:  Tableau Your Data! with Dan Murray

PYD03:  Robert Rouse – Tableau Zen Master and InterWorks Consultant

PYD04:  Michael Treadwell – InterWorks Analytics Consultant

PYD06:  Lawrence Corr – Data Warehouse Designer and Author

PYD09:  JJ Burnam – Data Architect, Analyst, Programmer

PYD10:  Derrick Austin – Solutions Architect, Beekeeper

PYD12:  Tim Costello – Consultant, SQL Guru

PYD23:  Randy Krum – Author and Infographic King

If you like these, check out the rest of the series here !



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